Beyond the Lens | Storybooks

Invest in a family treasure or special gift.  That is what BTL can do with your photos, memorabilia, and stories!

  • Graduation Books - Graduating from high school and college are moments in time to reflect on the first chapters of the life of your young adult.  Gather your favorite baby/toddler, grade school, athletic, family, and accomplishment photos along with treasured drawings, notes, awards, medals, etc., and create a custom gift unlike any other. 
  • Wedding Book - This can be one of two designs:
  1.  One book celebrating each individual growing up and then those dating pictures taken over the months and/or years.  This is a great way to celebrate the coming together of two lives into one family.  This can also be turned into a great guest book for the small or medium size wedding, including pages for  friends and family to leave well wishes for the new couple.
  2.  The other Wedding Book style incorporates the engagement session photos taken of the couple and creating a guest book incorporating those photos with pages for well wishes for the larger wedding style.  This book can also be customized utilizing a limited number of photos showing the couple when they were young and/or dating.
  • Special Anniversary/Birthday - Celebrate milestones by incorporating memories from the chapters over the years.  Show your loved one how much they mean to you.
  • The Celebration Book - Sweet 16!  Happy Retirement!  Reunion Memories!  There are everyday reasons to celebrate and a Celebration Book can share your feelings unlike any other gift.
  • In Remembrance - Family members pass, and their photos and stories may be set aside, or worse, lost.  Let BTL incorporate these precious stories, photos and memorabilia into a book that will incorporated into one place.  And the best part is, numerous copies can be ordered.
  • History Books - Many times, local historians, organizations, companies, etc., like to chronicle their past. Our book style and professionalism would help to tell that story.

Custom Storybooks are a project that I work closely with the client to create a memoir unlike anything else.  These projects are quoted depending on the number of hours, pages, information/picture gathering involved.  Books come in a number of sizes and pages (minimum 20 pages/maximum 100 - although longer publications can be split into volumes if they exceed 100 pages).  Each book is different.  The cost of the book is broken down into three parts:

       • gathering, scanning and organizing the project;

       • designing the project;

       • number of edits requested by client; and

       • the final printing costs. 

Each Storybook is like no other!