Beyond the Lens | "Need to Know"


"What types of Portrait Sessions do you offer?"

Pups and people!  "Pups" includes all pets including kitties and other favorite furry family members!  "People" includes all members of the family -- children, families and couples and of course, People and their Pups together.  Engagement is one style of couple portraiture, but many couples love having their portraits done "just because". 


"What should I expect at my session?"

A private portrait session is designed around you, your family and/or your pet.  Before the session actually begins, we will spend some initial time getting to know each other, discussing ideas and expectations, familiarizing ourselves with the location and making sure everyone is comfortable with me and my camera.  Rushing during the session is not encouraged or necessary.  This may take as little as 30 minutes or could take up to two hours, each situation is different.  I will also share with you a sample Storybook and some of my favorite Wall Art pieces so that you can start anticipating and planning how you want to save the memories of the day!


"What is your "style"?"

My photographic style is often referred to as "documentary" or "in the moment".   We plan the place and time and perhaps an activity that would be natural for your family or your pet.  Then when we meet, your family engages in the activity and the moments together in a natural way.  I will not give constant direction or "posing" but I will always be watching for those special connections that come "in the moment".  That doesn't mean that I won't have some of those "say cheese" moments, but for the most part, I am a spectator!  Come with your ideas and I will give you mine ... and together we will create some unique and memorable images!


"What types of events do you photograph?"

I offer my photography services for open houses, reunions, private parties and festivals.  I also attend dog sporting events such as agility, flyball, barn hunt, etc.


"What are your Portrait Session Fees?"

Standard Session • $75.00 (prepaid/non-refundable).  I have prime spots for outdoor sessions, however the session can take place at a location of your choice including your home.   (Additional fee/mileage may be charged if distance is a notable factor.)


"What are your Event Fees?"

$150.00 for up to two hours (over 2 hours - $60 per hour).   (This does not include dog sporting events).


"What happens after the Session/Event?"

Private Session - Your "best of the best" images will be meticulously edited and prepared for your viewing.  Once they are ready to share, we will get together for a reveal and ordering meet-up where you will have the opportunity to choose your favorite images for your Signature Storybook, Wall Art and/or other favorite items. There are typically 30-60 images depending on the style and expectations of the session. Afterwards, they will be uploaded onto a private gallery on my website so that you can share with family and friends and additional orders. 

Event  - Photos will have basic edits and uploaded onto the website in a public gallery for print, digital downloads or gift purchases.  Private events will have different opportunities, options and offerings.