Beyond the Lens | Libby Love (Portrait Services for Senior/Terminally Ill Pups)


Special Photography Sessions • Terminally Ill/ Senior Pets

Libby was my friend Diane's 16 year old pup, the light of her life.  I met Diane during Libby's last year and when she found out I was a photographer (at that time I was trying to find the photographic niche where I belonged) she asked if I would photograph her baby.  And so,  I did.  Libby was the first dog, other than my own, that I had the honor of shooting.  Her and her mom had a connection that I fell in love with.  That's when I knew that pet photography was going to be a very special part of my life -- capturing something so real, honest and treasured.

Libby died a few months after our shoot.  Her mom was so incredibly heartbroken.  But the Memorybook she has of Libby along with her favorite portraits are something she will always have of her furbaby. 

LIBBY LOVE is that special part of my business which honors Libby and her mom for helping me to find my way in this profession.  I am always touched when asked to do portraits of a senior or ailing furkid. 

I invest whatever time is necessary to make sure we capture him or her in a way that brings my clients smiles and happy memories for years to come.   Many times we have very little notice when illness strikes, so if at all possible, I will do my very best to arrange my schedule and location to meet the needs of the family. 

UPDATE:  February 2017, we welcomed our own Libby into our family.