Beyond the Lens | Good Words

The time I spend with my clients, pups or peeps, is a blessing to me!  I am so fortunate to have found what I love to do in life and those who invite me into their lives to capture special memories!  Thank you for the kind words:

"Carol is a remarkable photographer. One look at her photos can show this better than any words. My experience with her photographing my dogs showed me her uncanny ability to engage with the subject of her lens. It is the key to the keen focus she coaxes from them. Raucous noises, toys, and treats are just part of the games she plays with them to bring out the joy and beauty of her subjects. She may be standing up, lying on the grass nose-to-nose with her subject, or anything in between. Whatever it takes to get the shot! She states that she loves what she does and this shows both in her photo shoots and in the finished results. I found the most difficult part of working with Carol is narrowing the field of images to the ones I want to keep. It’s a good “problem” to have! Thank you, Carol Lyons, from the bottom of my heart!

Renee Badertscher—Breeze and Sunny, too


"Carol took photos of my four dogs in February and we had a blast. I told her to just take over and do what she had to do, it's not easy trying to photograph four dogs. Carol took individual photo's and we tried many attempts to get them all together. She had a beautiful book printed of all the dogs and even dedicated a page to our sweet CJ who passed the week prior, so this page meant a lot to us. Carol is great at what she does and has such a passion for pets and photography. I've already got new idea's for another shoot.

Carol I want to thank you for all you've done for us, it really means a lot. Now go chase those dreams!

Kelly Downey